1935 Ford pick-up. SOLD OUT!!!

IMG_3232  IMG_3244

1948 Checker A2 SOLD OUT!!!

IMG_7209  IMG_7208

1948 Checker A2

IMG_7109  IMG_7104

1948 Checker A2 Pick-up SOLD OUT!!!!

IMG_7223  IMG_7224

1956 Ford Customline 4dr sedan SOLD OUT!!!

IMG_4585  IMG_4586

1964 Rambler 220 2dr sedan with 6cyl in line and manual transmission

IMG_3233  P6070321

1985 Ford LTD cop car, Florida.

IMG_2817  1966702_627256790681531_997446190_n

1986 Mercury Colony Park 5,0l V8 AOD automatic


1990 Lincoln Town Car 5,0l V8 automatic

IMG_7380  IMG_7378

1995 Ford Windstar 3,8l V6 and AOD automatic


1995 Ford Mustang 3,8l V6 automatic

IMG_6897  IMG_6896

1996 Ford Mustang 3,8l V6 automatic SOLD OUT!!!

IMG_6899  IMG_6898

1996 Ford Mustang 5,0l V8 automatic


European cars:

1962 Renault Estafette van SOLD OUT!!!

10501830_710508842356325_3753810284353945257_n  10628132_710508789022997_5135863706216739808_n

1966 Volvo Amazon 2dr sedan SOLD OUT!!!

IMG_7201  IMG_7205

1974 Ford Taunus 4dr sedan 2,0l 4-cyl and manual transmission

10641123_710508865689656_5046982589629316648_n  10584031_710508925689650_1056406829989100483_n

1974 Morris Marina 2dr coupe 1,3l 4-cyl and manual transmission

10622759_710508862356323_4589422628160057609_n  10629562_710508682356341_1497518051881682830_n

1974 Vauxhall Viva 1,3l 4-cyl, manual transmission


1974 Vauxhall Viva 1,3l 4-cyl, manual transmission


1999 Mercedes-Benz E-series sedan 2,7l Diesel and automatic



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